Application of square root in real life

In other words, the square root function is applied to gases and vapours because this make the data fit what is seen in real life , and it is removed from the formula for dusts, mists, and fumes for the same reason. Autrement dit, la fonction de racine carrée s'applique pour les gaz et les vapeurs, car elle fait correspondre à ce que l'on observe en réalité , mais pour la même raison, elle ne s'applique pas pour les poussières, brouillards et fumées.

I've only read about Tesla Coils I've never actually seen one in real life. Je n'avais encore jamais vu de bobine Tesla en vrai. I mean this is my dream car.

I suppose I never seen it in real life. Première fois que je vois ma voiture de rêve en vrai. I've seen it in real life. Je l'ai vu en vrai. The most drop dead gorgeous broad I'd ever seen in my real life. La fille la mieux roulée que j'aie vue de ma vie. Have you seen her in real life?

Alors, tu l' as vue en réalité? I've never seen the city in real life before.

Square Root Approximations in Old Babylonian Mathematics: YBC 7289 in Context☆

Je n'ai jamais vu la ville en vrai avant. And his love for you, even if he has never actually seen you in real life , it will make him hate the Director and the State for taking you away from him.

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Et même s'il ne t'a jamais vue pour de vrai , il se retournera contre le Directeur et contre l'État, qui t'auront arrachée à lui. Did the medieval artists include strange creatures and flying spacecraft in their paintings because they had seen them in real life?

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Les artistes médiévaux ont-ils inclus dans leur peinture des créatures étranges et des vaisseaux spatiaux parce qu'ils les avaient aperçus dans la vraie vie? I've seen you do in real life. Je vous ai vu le faire dans la vraie vie.

Application of square root in real life

The question is, where have you seen that done in real life? Mais où l'avez vous vu faire dans la vie réelle? Motorstorm: I had never seen this game running in real life before, and what I saw was quite disappointing.

SQUARE ROOT Storyboard par shaikerriat

Motorstorm: Je découvre ce jeu pour la première fois, et je dois avouer que ce que j'ai vu tourner m'a plutôt déçu. Have you ever seen one in real life The world has square roots invites you to discover how simple scientific ideas are applied both in daily life and in the lives of researchers and experts on the cutting edge in every field. Each chapter has two sections.

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The first looks at a simple idea and reveals its applications in everyday life. How do sound waves travel, and how can you use them to soundproof yourself from your neighbours? Given how heat is transmitted, which cooking pot will be most efficient?

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How is it that an airplane holding more than people isn't smellier? Through interviews with researchers and experts, the second section examines how the idea can be explained from a scientific and technological point of view. How do drugs travel through the human body? How was the neutrino discovered?

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How is a piece of evidence analyzed? How could a simple sensor save African elephants from poaching? After finishing The world has square roots , you'll look at scientific ideas from a new perspective: not just as formulas to learn by heart, but as keys to the big and small questions of life!

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